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      Our exhibition -LilyToys

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      We are found on 2000 have over more than 16years work experience for inflatables.Our workshop have over 15500 sq.m more than 150 workers . we are only make inflatables ( sewing + welding ), We are most professional .LilyToys is a leader in the design, manufacturing and installation of inflatable water parks.Our manufacturer capable of offering a water park combination for even 100 paying guests per hour,consisting of all different elements. This variety of elements in a water park combination attracts morepeople,this means, you as an entrepreneur are able to achieve a higher turnover at constant operational costs.

      Our Main Equipment :
      Automatic Cutting Machines ( 4pcs ) + Digital Printing Machines ( 2pcs ) +Japaneses Sewing machines (35pcs ) + Chinese Sewing machines ( 52pcs ) + Hot Air Sealed Machines ( 16pcs ) + Punching Machines( 2pcs ) + Electric Pvc Cutting machine ( 5pcs ) ………
      Weclome to visit our factory you will like our professional work team.

      LilyToys guides each project from concept to completion. From the initial design to start-up,we take care of everything.Every aspect of the project including planning, engineering, manufacturingand installation is undertaken in house by us.Worldwide, you can have complete confidence in the qualityof LilyToys that you purchase.We, as LilyToys, build strong relationships with our customers.We remain committed to our customers worldwide and our way of saying thanks is continuingto provide themwith the best possible service and products.

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      Tel : +86)-020-87635331 Fax : +86)-020--87635331
      Mail : toys520@vip.163.com    Mob: 0086-13265921288
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